Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and distribution is a key component of the integrated logistics and shipping system for companies seeking a cost effective method of distributing their range of products. We have totally computerized, efficient and dynamic warehousing solutions that are designed to stock consumer goods as well as perishable items for safer and longer periods. Dedicated client managers and warehouse supervisors are stationed at each location to enhance work efficiency.
Our group and associate companies operate their own container freight stations for cargo consolidation, packing and shipping. At these locations there are available advanced warehousing and distribution hubs for both corporate and general clients, delivery services ranging from receiving, inventory control and the ability to pick and pack a variety of commodities for direct delivery to customer’s doorstep.
warehouse (2)
  •  25,000 sq.ft. warehouse space. Clean and well managed facility.
  •   Pick up the freight from the shipper’s facility overseas.
  •   Complete custom formalities at origin.
  •   Arrange transportation of the freight by either Land, Air or Sea.
  •   Insure the freight from the shipper’s warehouse to the consignees warehouse.
  •   Arrange custom clearance at destination.
  •  Transport goods to our warehouse.
  •   Segregate the freight as per SKU’s.
  •   Immediate inventory reports to the customer.
  •   Arrange delivery and distribution of the freight as per our customers instructions.
  •   Monthly inventory reports.
  •   We handle most commodities, from hazardous cleaning chemicals to grain And beauty products.