Cross Border

Through our road solutions, Blue Arrow Cargo Corporation offers a safe, economical and viable transportation means for your goods. Our all-inclusive road freight service runs across a global platform manned by a team of experts uniquely skilled at overseeing overland operations, including customs requirements.
From departures to door-to-door delivery to web-based tracking, we offer a comprehensive, highly dependable platform that functions seamlessly within both international and domestic landscapes. We further work within your specific industry requirements to optimize efficiency and save you money, all within your desired time frame. Blue Arrow Cargo Corporation offers an unparalleled road service that ensures your freight reaches its destination with the utmost efficiency and speed.


  •  Custom Brokerage services for Air, Sea or Cross Border shipments.
  •   Immediate custom clearance and delivery.
  •   Shipments can be Pre Cleared under PARS if required.
  •   Transfer to our Bonded Warehouse for clearance at a later date.
  •   CROSS BORDER services to the United States.
  •   Custom clearance at the US border.
  •   Delivery to your customers door.


  •  Reliable trucking companies with proven track records.
  •   Speed and Reliability-two key factors most crucial to our operation.
  •   “Door to Door” service for shipments from the United States of Mexico.
  •   This includes Custom Clearance at the Canada / US Border and delivery to your customers door.
  •   Trucking services throughout Canada, within Ontario and for our local clients deliveries within the GTA.
  •   We offer both “Overnight Delivery Service and “Appointment Deliveries”.